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What's Included (Initial)


Full Personal Assessment & Your Goals

The first part of every session is clearly defining your goals and getting to know you so I can best tailor the training to you. I am 100% dedicated to your success but without defining your goals and developing a plan to achieve success, that goal is simply a wish!

Understanding All Steps of the Hiring Process

We are going to cover all the steps of the hiring process and how to prepare for each one along the way with some tricks of the trade as well to help you be successful in each step.

Resume 101: How to Stand Out From Competition

We will review and critique your current resume and offer ways to improve it so that you stand out from the competition and be seen on paper. If you don't have one, I can offer to write one for you based on your background for a small additional fee.

The Interview Process - How to Sell Yourself

The fire department interview is THE most important part of the fire department hiring process. I will coach you on how to interview for this type of job including: dressing for success, body language, confidence through speaking, turning your weaknesses into strengths, and and how to avoid "textbook" answers and pitfalls. 

Scenario-Based / Situational Training

We will do a mock interview with some of the most common scenario-based questions being used by area departments. I will coach how to best prepare for these in advance and how to respond.

Effective Written Communication & Public Speaking

One of the most important aspects of the fire service is the ability to communicate effectively with others. We will spend some time on written literature, but will spend the majority of time on building your confidence while speaking in front of others.